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Wir von Ever-Clean GmbH bieten ein breites Spektrum an Dienstleistungen rund um Reinigung im Kanton Zürich, St. Gallen, Luzern und Zug an to take the time-consuming work off your hands. 


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Finding a cleaning company in Zurich is not always easy. In Zurich you will not only find delicious food, but also many apartments that are cleaned by the service of Ever Clean GmbH. Our cleaners are undefeated in the Zurich area. Are you looking for services with high quality and friendly customer service? Then why not arrange an appointment for a visit.

What exactly does a cleaning company do?

In principle, the name already reveals that it is a company that does cleaning. This can involve a wide variety of cleaning tasks. As a rule, the core competencies of a cleaning company include the following:

  • Basic cleaning
  • Building cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Household cleaning
  • Medical office cleaning
  • Moving cleaning

These are only a few of many competencies that a cleaning company should master. Our cleaning company Ever Clean GmbH in Zurich also offers these and other services. Do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to process even your individual request. Please feel free to contact us and let us consult you.

What makes a good cleaning company?

A proper cleaning service is a requirement of a good cleaning company, which we fulfill all times. However, this is not all that makes us a good cleaning company. We are known for our many years of experience in the industry and therefore our expertise in this field. Eventually, it was possible to develop proven and sophisticated systems to provide the best and most reliable service to our customers.
Our services are therefore aimed at professional cleaning work for both our corporate and private customers. Of course, the satisfaction of each customer is our top priority.

We also emphasize the importance of transparent costs. Thus, monthly statements of cleaning services are always available for download.

Furthermore, our cleaning services are Spitex compatible. So you can also have them covered by health insurance.

What is our cleaning company's opinion on the environment?

We care about our environment, so we offer additional biological cleaning to each of our services. Instead of using chemical products, we only use ecological, biological and environmentally friendly cleaning products. Furthermore, biological cleaning is gentler on materials such as wood or even fittings.
Is our environment just as important to you as to us? Then you are more than welcome to receive our offer without obligation.

Ihre Reinigungsfirma für Unterhaltsreinigung

Reinigungsfirma in Zürich

Apartment cleaning by our cleaning company

We offer a comprehensive cleaning service for tenants and owners of apartments or houses.

Reinigungsfirma in Zürich

Household help by our cleaning company

We offer you help in difficult situations. Our household help service is always customized for you.

Reinigungsfirma in Zürich

Office cleaning by our cleaning company

We have many years of experience in office cleaning as well as cleaning of commercial premises.

Reinigungsfirma in Zürich

Cleaning lady service by our cleaning company

We offer our cleaning service as an individual cleaning service.

House cleaning by our cleaning company

We offer a wide range of cleaning services for single-family houses and housing complexes.

Reinigungsfirma in Zürich

Staircase cleaning by our cleaning company

We offer a complete and individual cleaning service for all types of stairs.

Reinigungsfirma in Zürich

Medical office cleaning by our cleaning company

Ever Clean also specializes in cleaning medical office spaces.

Reinigungsfirma in Zürich

Ironing service by our cleaning company

We offer ironing service and do this chore for you.

Reinigungsfirma in Zürich

Industrial cleaning by our cleaning company

We offer a wide range of cleaning services for hotels, restaurants and businesses.

Ihre Reinigungsfirma für Spezialreinigungen

Reinigungsfirma in Zürich

Window cleaning

We also offer window cleaning as a special service for companies and individuals. We also provide complicated window cleaning with the lifting platform.

Reinigungsfirma in Zürich

Moving cleaning

We also specialize in the execution of private as well as business moving cleaning with acceptance guarantee.

Reinigungsfirma in Zürich

Construction cleaning

We offer a wide range of cleaning services for hotels, restaurants and businesses.

Reinigungsfirma in Zürich

Carpet cleaning

Whether you use your carpet in a residential or commercial setting, we'll clean it to the last fiber!

Reinigungsfirma in Zürich

Disinfection cleaning

We are here for you especially in the current coronavirus situation and offer comprehensive disinfection cleaning.

Reinigungsfirma in Zürich

Basic cleaning

If you wish a deep cleaning of your home or business premises, Ever Clean Ltd. is ready to help you. 

The procedure

Why we are the right cleaning company

Our cleaning company is customer oriented

As a professional cleaning company we respond to our customers and tailor the plan and execution according to your needs and wishes.

Our cleaning company is multilingual

The employees of Ever-Clean GmbH speak 6 languages.
These include German, English, Italian, French, Russian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Our cleaning company is employee oriented

The satisfaction of our employees has a very high priority. We are subordinated to GAV Des Weiteren sind wir mit den Weiterbildungen der ZKP Cleaning and  Allpura .

Our cleaning company offers household help
In case of accident, illness or birth we take care of your household professionally. The health insurance company will cover the costs.

To all cleaning services we also offer biological cleaning.


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