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Construction cleaning

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Unser Reinigungspersonal für Ihre Baureinigung in Zürich und Umgebung






During renovations and refurbishments of objects such as apartments or company buildings, dirt is pre-programmed. So not only does the renovation cost you a lot of time, but also the removal of dirt. Therefore a professional construction cleaning on the part of a cleaning company is inevitable. With our Cleaning company Ever Clean we offer a professional construction cleaning, construction cleaning and a final construction cleaning in the private or industrial area. So you save the effort of cleaning work and a lot of time.

What is included in our construction cleaning?

Our services of construction cleaning are equated with the definition. Therefore, the service is basically divided into three important phases. Furthermore, our cleaning company has all the professional cleaning materials and utensils that are used in construction cleaning. Thus we enable you to detailed cleaning of the object. Our cleaning services therefore amount to the following:

Cleaning of the building site

During ongoing construction work, most pollution such as dust or construction debris naturally occurs. In order to keep the construction site clean accordingly, it is therefore advisable to use a Cleaning of the building site on. Here, as the name suggests, the coarse dirt is removed from the construction site. Thus, we enable you with our cleaning a clean construction site and a carefree work. In addition, the construction site cleaning offers the advantage that you do not accumulate dirt and have to be removed afterwards.

Final construction cleaning

As soon as the reconstruction and renovation work is finished, we can start with our Final construction cleaning start. Here our employees take care that dirt on walls, floors, but also on windows are removed. Of course, we also take over the disposal of the remains such as protective films, stickers or labels.

Construction cleaning

Before the acceptance of the object takes place, we take care of the Construction cleaning or even final construction cleaning. Our employees fulfill all necessary measures so that a guaranteed move-in is possible. So you can be sure that after completion of the object, you will receive it in a ready to move in condition.

Professional construction cleaning at Ever Clean

Our Cleaning company Ever Clean has already established in Zurich and the surrounding area over 1000 satisfied customers. With now over 12 years of experience in the cleaning industry, we offer you the best quality and cleanliness.

Why choose Ever Clean for your construction cleaning?

Be it a special cleaning or a maintenance cleaning, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We want to offer you the best cleaning in Switzerland. Therefore, our credo includes a variety of guiding principles to provide you with the best offer.

Customer proximity is important to us

To ensure that we are fast and flexible, we have several locations in Switzerland with our cleaning company Ever Clean. So we are available for you at any time and anywhere.

Professional and trained special cleaners

In order to be able to carry out our tasks professionally from the ground up, we pay attention to the professionalism on the part of our employees. Through extensive training, our cleaners finally have the necessary know-how to take over the required work of construction cleaning. In this way we ensure an above-average work with guaranteed acceptance for every object, building, but also for your apartment.

Our environment is important to us

We as a cleaning company Ever Clean attach importance to sustainability and the associated environmental friendliness. Therefore, we offer biological cleaning for every building cleaning and maintenance cleaning. We work exclusively with sustainable and ecologically degradable cleaning products. When booking an offer, you are welcome to refer to our Organic Cleaning fall back on.


Construction cleaning in Zurich, Winterthur and Lucerne

To ensure that we are there for you as quickly as possible, Ever Clean has several locations in Switzerland. You can therefore take advantage of our construction cleaning services at the following locations:

  • Zurich, Volketswil, Dübendorf
  • Uster, Nänikon, Illnau
  • Wangen, Dübendorf, Brüttisellen
  • Bassersdorf, Wallisellen, Dietlikon
  • Opfikon, Kloten, Rümlang
  • Meilen, Feldmeilen, Stäfa
  • Forch, Herrliberg, Erlenbach
  • Zollikerberg, Zollikon, Zumikon
  • Forch, Küsnacht, Witikon
  • Esslingen ZH, Egg b. Zurich, Mönchaltorf
  • Uetikon am See, Oetwil am See
  • Küsnacht, Hirslanden, Zurich Seefeld
  • Fällanden, Maur, Binz
  • Pfäffikon ZH, Wetzikon, Gossau ZH
  • Fehraltorf, Weisslingen, Turbenthal
  • Bauma, Hinwil, Russikon
  • Rüti, Rapperswil, Jona
  • Ermenswil SG, Eschenbach, Dürnten
  • Effretikon, Kemptthal, Winterthur
  • Lucerne, Zug, Baar
  • Unterengstringen, Regensdorf, Dietikon
  • Oberengstringen, Höngg, Altstetten

Construction cleaning prices

When calculating the price, the question arises as to what is to be cleaned.
Depending on the type of property, the price of construction cleaning may vary. The price is also calculated from the price per m2.
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+41 44 810 18 68 or by e-mail at  contact

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