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Why is biological and ecological cleaning worthwhile?

In many ways, people think that cleaning with chemical cleaners would not be inevitable. However, the use of chemical products not only harms our environment. Rather, unnatural cleaners and the resulting fumes put us in health distress. Also, the longevity of objects, but also materials such as floors or fittings can suffer from the use of chemical cleaners.

Therefore, a bio-cleaning offers only advantages to our customers. Only natural products are used in our biological and ecological cleaning. Thus, we guarantee our customers a safe, but also more sustainable cleaning with added value worth seeing.

If you have any questions about our organic cleaning you can reach us by email at or also by telephone under 044 810 18 68.

Organic cleaning in Zurich: Why Ever Clean?

We at Ever Clean offer with our cleaning company in Zurich, a wide range of services in the field of maintenance and special cleaning. Through our industry experience of over 12 years, we could fascinate every customer with our work. Hereby the biological cleaning did not come too briefly with our customers.

In all areas of maintenance and special cleaning, we rely on systems developed in-house. As a result, our cleaning procedures are well thought out and naturally applied by our trained staff. Ultimately, we thus offer our customers the best result and guaranteed satisfaction.

You can contact us quickly and easily via our appointment form.

How does a natural cleaning work?

Biological cleaning differs only slightly from our maintenance cleaning. However, we use only biodegradable products for this type of cleaning. In this way, we clean apartments, wet rooms, offices, but also practices with an environmentally friendly background.

For whom is biological cleaning suitable?

This type of cleaning is ideal for everyone. Of course, ecological cleaning also offers a certain protection for you and our employees. Since no chemical products are used here, the risk of harmful substances or fumes is zero. Therefore, even large buildings such as hotels, offices, but also houses benefit from our organic cleaning. This can of course provide even greater protection for families, employees, customers or guests.

That's what you get:

  • Environmentally friendly cleaning agents
  • Free from allergens
  • Odourless ingredients
  • Materials that are easy to process
  • Textile friendly and harmless solvents
  • Skin friendly detergents

Professional biological cleaning in Zurich and the surrounding area

  • Zurich, Volketswil, Dübendorf
  • Uster, Nänikon, Illnau
  • Wangen, Dübendorf, Brüttisellen
  • Bassersdorf, Wallisellen, Dietlikon
  • Opfikon, Kloten, Rümlang
  • Meilen, Feldmeilen, Stäfa
  • Forch, Herrliberg, Erlenbach
  • Zollikerberg, Zollikon, Zumikon
  • Forch, Küsnacht, Witikon
  • Esslingen ZH, Egg b. Zurich, Mönchaltorf
  • Uetikon am See, Oetwil am See
  • Küsnacht, Hirslanden, Zurich Seefeld
  • Fällanden, Maur, Binz
  • Pfäffikon ZH, Wetzikon, Gossau ZH
  • Fehraltorf, Weisslingen, Turbenthal
  • Bauma, Hinwil, Russikon
  • Rüti, Rapperswil, Jona
  • Ermenswil SG, Eschenbach, Dürnten
  • Effretikon, Kemptthal, Winterthur
  • Lucerne, Zug, Baar
  • Unterengstringen, Regensdorf, Dietikon
  • Oberengstringen, Höngg, Altstetten

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