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Büroreinigung in Rümlang und Umgebung

Wir bieten ein breites Spektrum an Reinigungsdienstleistungen 
an und bearbeiten jeden Auftrag individuell.

Darum ist Büroreinigung in Rümlang und Umgebung wichtig

In a company, and especially in offices, there are several people in the course of the day. People in numerous rooms on. In addition, you often get visits from your business partners, which definitely increases the amount of people. Due to this, it is not uncommon that the premises of the building sooner or later need to be cleaned.

However, this only makes up a small part of why office cleaning is important for businesses. Much more it should be done through Cleanliness and hygiene to a pleasant working day at the workplace. So employees benefit from our cleaning work not only from the cleanliness in the office. The risk of bacteria and viruses multiplying is also reduced. Of course, a thorough office cleaning also contributes to a pleasant working atmosphere at.

But a clean office can also score points with your customers and employees as a nice side effect. In the end, the cleaner your office is, the more at ease your customer or employee feels.

Profitieren Sie bei der Büroreinigung Rümlang und Umgebung von unserer Qualität

As a reputable cleaning company, we put the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our customers first. With over 12 years of experience in the industry, we have more than perfected our office cleaning services. In addition, we go with our office cleaning with an strict system approach to every cleaning. Among other things, our cleaners receive extensive and professional training. This ensures that we more than meet the expectations of our customers. Whether your Law firm, practice or similar commercial space, we as a cleaning company Ever Clean provide cleanliness in every area.

Was gehört zu unserer Büroreinigung in Rümlang und Umgebung dazu?

In order for us to provide you with the best results, we will of course provide the materials to clean and maintain your office. In addition, our cleaning staff will take care of the following rooms and services during your office cleaning:

You can also combine our office cleaning Medical office cleaning combine. So in the end, we not only take care of your offices, but also your practice.

You are welcome to use our contact form to book the cleaning or if you have any questions. Alternatively we are also available under the phone number +41 44 810 18 68 or by email at reachable.

Wie viel kostet eine Büroreinigung in Rümlang?

Our Prices für eine Büroreinigung in Rümlang fangen bei CHF 110.- an. Einen Fixpreis können wir natürlich nicht direkt ermitteln. Der Preis der Büroreinigung ist abhängig von der Grösse der Räumlichkeiten bzw. Büros und von der Anzahl der benötigten Stunden. Jedoch ist eine wöchentliche Büroreinigung durchaus wichtig. Daher bieten wir unsere Büroreinigung auch in einem Subscription service on. So you no longer need to worry about weekly cleaning.

    All cleaning services, we also offer biological cleaning.


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