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Disinfection cleaning

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Disinfectant cleaning is crucial for a safe working environment in premises and is therefore an important maintenance cleaning. It also provides greater safety in the workplace and thus the well-being of employees. Especially in offices and practices, but also in flats and houses, bacteria and viruses can increasingly survive on surfaces. Therefore we offer, Cleaning company Zurich Ever Clean GmbH offers a comprehensive disinfection cleaning as a professional service of our services. With our industry experience of now over 12 years, our team provides outstanding commercial cleaning.

Disinfection cleaning offers safety

In Company there is a constant exchange of contacts between employees and managers. A continuous exchange is considered an important feature of a company. However, the risk is high with poor hygiene that bacteria and viruses are quickly transmitted through contact with other people. Frequent causes for the distribution of viruses are sneezing, coughing or even touching objects.

Extensive and professional cleaning is therefore an advantage. To ensure that work processes can be carried out without hesitation, the disinfection of objects is essential. Ultimately, pathogens can survive on the surface of objects in the long term. These include, for example:

  • Doorframe
  • Window handles
  • Light switch
  • Office desks
  • Telephones
  • Handrails

Often these items are not considered during cleaning and are therefore a potential hazard. Our trained professionals do not let this out of their sight during disinfection cleaning.

We also work with high-quality surface disinfectants, so that disinfecting and cleaning offers long-lasting safety.

The following can also benefit from the disinfection cleaning services Schools, old people's homes or kindergartens Benefit. Cleaning tables, chairs, but also staircases and handrails ensures that pathogens do not spread. This means that everyday life can ultimately proceed without hesitation.

But the spread of bacteria and germs does not stop in sanitary facilities either. Toilets and taps are used by several people every day. Therefore, disinfectant cleaning is all the more important as a preventive measure against infection and thus as a protective measure.

Disinfection cleaning by us

Through our many years of experience in the industry and our know-how, we pay attention to a detailed cleaning. In addition, our specialist staff works with a sophisticated and proven system, which guarantees a comprehensive and professional disinfection cleaning.

So feel free to use our service in the field of disinfection cleaning. Simply send us a cleaning request via our appointment form.

Alternatively we are also available for you under 044 810 18 86 or by e-mail at reachable. If you have further questions, we can also advise you in a conversation.

We'll take that off your hands:

  • surface disinfection
  • Killing of pathogenic germs
  • Disinfecting floors
  • Disinfecting objects
  • Fittings disinfection
  • Window disinfection
  • Disinfecting door handles
  • Disinfecting window handles
  • Disinfecting armrests

Professional disinfection cleaning in Zurich and the surrounding area

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