In terms of time, window cleaning can take quite a bit of time during the day. It often happens that you are not really satisfied with your own cleaning of the windows. Therefore, it is often advantageous to give this work into professional hands. Enclosed we also give you tips on how to clean your windows better.

That is why you should have windows cleaned

Window cleaning can be very time-consuming. Especially if there are many windows in an apartment or even in the house. Cleaning the window panes is therefore very time consuming. Moreover, window cleaning does not just mean taking a wet rag and wiping over the window glass. The more thorough the cleaning of the windows is, the longer you can expect them to stay clean.

The thoroughness is also evident in the result of a professional Window cleaning. Thus, all the criteria to properly clean the window are taken into account. Often window frames or window handles are not taken into consideration. Finally, however, these belong to a good window cleaning. Also stripes or streaks have a professional when cleaning the window in mind. So you can look out of the window with peace of mind and enjoy the streak-free view. So in the end, professional window cleaning only offers you advantages and saves you hours of time.

How often should I have my windows cleaned?

The regular cleaning of the windows is essential for the beautiful shine of the window panes. Of course, you should also clean the window thoroughly. With time, the desire unfortunately decreases with some and the window must unfortunately suffer from it.

In principle, there is no guideline to which you can adhere when cleaning windows. However, a cleaning of at least every 2 weeks is recommended. So you are on the safe side that fingerprints or the like are no longer visible.

We are happy to offer, from Ever Clean in Zurich, also offers you professional window cleaning. This can be booked as required in a weekly subscription. Contact us quickly and easily via our contact form.

Cleaning windows: We recommend these tips


At Ever Clean cleaning company in Zurich, we recommend the following tips for your window cleaning. (Image:

Cleaning windows from the inside and outside

It often happens that you forget some places on the window during window cleaning. The most often forgotten place is probably the outside. However, it should be said that logically most dirt does not adhere to the inside of the window. It is much more the outside of the window where pollen, mud or the like contaminate the window. Therefore, the outside of the window should always be considered when cleaning the window.

Never clean windows in strong sunlight

The timing also plays an important role in window cleaning. Logically, you should avoid cleaning the windows in strong sunlight. The reason for this is, of course, the wiping water, which dries too quickly.

If you clean the windows in cooler temperatures, you rarely run the risk of streaks forming on the window. Therefore, it is often recommended to clean the windows in the early morning hours.

Clean windows from top to bottom

Everyone wants their windows to be streak-free. The mistake many make, however, is wiping back and forth, creating streaks as it dries. One simple reason is gravity. Water drops flow down the window, so you should start from the top when cleaning. Thus, one has the certainty that no streaks are visible when cleaning the window.

If there are still water stains on the top edge of the window, we have another tip for you. Take some newspaper to hand when cleaning the window. Due to its absorbency, the newsprint can absorb the remaining water drops. Afterwards, no more stains should be visible and the window should be properly cleaned.

Do not forget the window frame

Window frames, like the outside of the window, are a forgotten criterion of proper window cleaning. However, a lot of dirt builds up here over time. For a thorough window cleaning, it is therefore important to note that you also clean the frame. For this purpose, a little water, a sponge or a microfiber cloth will help you. You run this around the frame and remove the dirt. Afterwards you can remove the excess water with a dry cloth.

Change water and utensils without fail

When cleaning windows, the water can become very dirty after some time. Therefore, it is recommended to change the water constantly. If you do not change the water, it is difficult to get the glass clean. Especially after cleaning the frames you should change the water. In addition, most dirt accumulates in the frame.

In the same way, you should naturally also change the cloth and sponge frequently. This way you will ultimately achieve the best result to clean the glass and frame.

If you use a squeegee, make sure that it is always dry. This way you can avoid streaks on your windows.

Professional window cleaning in Zurich

Cleaning the windows thoroughly takes time. The more windows the building has, the longer it logically takes to clean them. In order to save you a lot of time here, we offer professional window cleaning services on a one-time, weekly or monthly basis. Through our professional staff you can benefit from Ever Clean in Zurich expect only the best quality. When cleaning, we pay attention to our proven system to offer you a fast window cleaning without loss of quality.

As usual, we bring our cleaning agents with us. So you save yourself the effort to get them. In addition, we especially recommend a Organic Cleaning so that we work exclusively with biological and ecological care products. In this way, we can make our contribution to the environment together with you.

You can reach us by telephone at the following number 044 810 18 68 or also by email under Alternatively, you can also use our contact form. Here you can quickly and easily arrange your next appointment.

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