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Fenster­reinigung Regensdorf incl.

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To clean the windows, you need to take a lot of time and approach it with a lot of patience. Often, the results do not look as you would like. But what is the reason for this? Are you doing something wrong or is professional window cleaning better after all? We will enlighten you!

Fensterreinigung in Regensdorf und Umgebung mit Reinigungsfirma Ever Clean GmbH.
Why clean the windows? 

Fenster können sowohl von innen, als auch von aussen schmutzig werden. Deswegen ist es wichtig die Fenster regelmässig von beiden Seiten zu reinigen. Doch vor allem aussen am Fenster kann sich sehr schnell ziemlich viel Schmutz ansammeln. Das ist immer von der Jahreszeit und vom Wetter abhängig.

In the springtime, it is mainly pollen and pollen that fly around. A layer of pollen quickly forms on the window. In addition, birds always make themselves comfortable on the windows and leave behind a lot of dirt. Rain also does not necessarily clean the windows, but often spreads the dirt and leaves unsightly stains.

It is important to regularly clean the windows, because it looks much nicer. You don't want to have dirty windows when you have visitors at home. Clean windows leave a nicer impression and also create a pleasant atmosphere.

Fensterreinigung Regensdorf und Umgebung.
How often should you clean the windows? 

For this, there is no particular rule, how often you should clean the windows. Among other things, it also depends on the weather. Should it rain a lot and leave a lot of dirt, so you also need to clean more often. Birds also play an important role here again. If the birds nest at the windows and come very often, it will also be very dirty. Therefore, you should also make sure to keep the animals away from your windows.

As a rule, you should watch the windows and see how dirty they get. Of course, you can also set up a standing order and have the windows cleaned, for example, once a week, every 2 weeks or even just once a month. We orient ourselves here completely after you and your individual desires.

Fenster­reinigung Regensdorf selber machen? 

Normally, you can also clean the windows yourself. But often the windows are cleaned incorrectly from the beginning and are then not necessarily cleaner than before. In addition, you like to leave streaks behind when cleaning the windows. We can convince you with our expertise and offer you professional window cleaning with many years of experience. We know what is important and use the right means for this.

Many also do not pay attention to the high number of windows in the apartment or house. Naturally, the larger the apartment, the more windows there are. In the beginning, this may not seem like much. However, once you start cleaning windows, you will realize how time consuming this work can be. Again, we want to take this work off your hands. In exchange, you can use the time wisely and pursue other things.

All cleaning services, we also offer biological cleaning.


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