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Do you own a hotel or restaurant and need to clean them too? An office?
But you don't have the time to clean the furnishings yourself?
Then you are exactly right with us!
We take care of professional commercial cleaning in Switzerland.
True to the motto: Your business and our cleanliness!

Warum sollte man eine Gewerbe­reinigung durchführen? 

In any hotel, the rooms must be cleaned at the end of the stay. In restaurants, a lot of dirt can occur. No matter if it's a walk to the toilet, a cigarette in front of the restaurant or even a rainy day - the behaviour of your guests leads to dirt in the restaurant. Since as a company you are also responsible for hygiene, it is especially important in this industry to carry out a commercial cleaning. So in the end, cleaning is mandatory.

In the hotel as well as in the gastronomy, one has to expect a lot of different guests in a short time. This means that you can expect a lot of soiling in all possible places. In addition, some guests are very hygienic on the road and then there are again guests who do not attach much importance to hygiene. Especially then you have to rely on a commercial cleaning.

Here you have to be very thorough in cleaning - the trained eye saves a lot of money here. Why? The cleaning of a commercial establishment such as restaurants and hotels is subject to special requirements. Care must be taken when cleaning to ensure that these are met. Nevertheless, the cleaning must be done within the shortest possible time. Because usually there is not much time left until the next guests are at the door.

Have your commercial cleaning done professionally? 

The larger the facility, the better it is to have commercial cleaning done professionally. Through our expertise we know what is important. In addition, you always have the option to book an ecological alternative with us. This means that we carry out the cleaning with biological products. This way we not only clean efficiently, but can also protect the environment. Chemical products are not used in the ecological alternative.

We carry out commercial cleaning throughout Switzerland. Among other things, we clean your wet rooms and toilets, your hotel rooms, your kitchens, your office or even the common rooms. You can see which other services are included in the list next to it (above on the smartphone). We can also respond to your individual wishes. Simply fill out the form and make an appointment with us.

Do you still have questions about professional commercial cleaning?
Then do not hesitate and contact us.
Feel free to call or send us an email. A member of our staff will get in touch with you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!

Commercial cleaning in Zurich, Winterthur, Lucerne and the surrounding area

Do commercial cleaning yourself? 

Carry out the commercial cleaning itself proves to be very difficult. Here we speak from many years of experience and the close coordination with our customers. Small businesses try to do it themselves, especially in the beginning. But after a short time you realize that doing everything alone is too much. Many customers have told us that they were happy after they had booked a standing order with us.

If the hotel or the restaurant is a lot bigger, the implementation proves to be more and more difficult. You don't get behind to clean the large area and slowly despair. We take the despair away from you, in which we subject your facility to a professional commercial cleaning. You decide how often we are there for you.

Costs for a commercial cleaning 

Of course, there is no all-inclusive price for a commercial cleaning. The costs are always determined by the size of the facility and the time required.

In addition, many different areas in the catering industry lend themselves to cleaning. Depending on the area, the costs can of course vary. For a cost inquiry, you only need to fill out our form and thus arrange an appointment with us. Everything important will then be discussed in the further course. In the end you will receive an offer.

All cleaning services, we also offer biological cleaning.


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