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Praxisreinigung in Altstetten und Umgebung

Wir bieten ein breites Spektrum an Reinigungsdienstleistungen
an und bearbeiten jeden Auftrag individuell.

Praxisreinigung Altstetten und Umgebung mit hohen Qualitätsstandards

Patients should be able to in good hands and at ease. Inadequate hygiene in one's own premises usually leads to a deterrent of the persons to be treated. This includes even the smallest soiling.
Therefore, sterile cleanliness of a practice is paramount, as this also affects people's health.
A lack of cleaning of the doctor's office can lead to the spread of bacteria, but also viruses.
Thus, a thorough and professional practice cleaning is considered Prerequisite in the working day.
Unser professionelles in Altstetten und geschultes Personal sorgt alle Male dafür, dass alle Hygienevorgaben eingehalten werden.
In our work, we pay attention to a precise cleaning of the rooms, surfaces and floors. In this way, we ultimately guarantee you as a cleaning company the best quality and a guaranteed Compliance with hygiene regulations.


Darum ist die Reinigung Ihrer Praxis in Altstetten Sache des Profis

The practice cleaning is a very detailed work. Therefore, the accuracy of this cleaning is also associated with a lot of time. Whether outpatient or inpatient medical practices, Zahnarztpraxen oder medizinische Einrichtungen, die Reinigung von medizinisch sensiblen Bereichen erfordert ein Höchstmass an Verantwortung, Präzision und Wissen. Für manche wird dies zu einem Problem, da es sich bei einer Praxisreinigung um no common basic cleaning is concerned. In addition, often do not have the necessary cleaning products, which are important for this type of cleaning.

Ultimately, practice cleaning is not just about the Hygiene and cleanliness of medical practices. Hygiene is much more about giving pathogens such as viruses or bacteria no chance in practices. Thus, not only employees, but much more the patients can feel comfortable in waiting rooms and treatment rooms. Therefore, it is even more important to hire a professional who is familiar with the topic of practice cleaning. In the end, this ensures that all necessary hygiene regulations are adhered to. In addition, quality management is carried out in order to given quality standards and to verify compliance.


This is part of our practice cleaning

Of course, cleanliness and hygiene are important to us when cleaning your practice. However, we also want to offer you a certain level of safety. So we pay explicit attention to regulations that must be met. Among other things, we take the following areas under the microscope when cleaning your practice:

Through our comprehensive quality management, we also check the result. This way we can ensure that every area of your medical practice is cleaned correctly and complies with regulations.


Was kostet eine Praxisreinigung in Altstetten?

It is not possible to determine an all-inclusive price for practice cleaning. The square meter numbers of the respective facilities play a certain role in the pricing of the practice cleaning. Of course, office and practice cleaning can also be combined. You are welcome to contact us for this purpose. Your contact person will get back to you immediately and answer any questions you may have. After the conversation, you are welcome to book your suitable offer with us.

In addition, you can also book our practice cleaning in a subscription service. This way you will receive strong discounts on your booked cleaning.

 Practice Cleaning & Building Cleaning Jobs

We at the Cleaning company Ever Clean in Volketswil suchen motivierte Mitarbeiter für unser tägliches Geschäft.
Through our various services, we therefore offer you a variety of opportunities to work with us.
Durch die verschiedenen Standorte in der Schweiz wie z.B. Zürich, Ermenswil oder auch Altstetten haben Sie eine grosse Anzahl an Anlaufstellen.
Bewerben Sie sich also gerne auf die Stellen in der Praxisreinigung Altstetten und Umgebung.

All cleaning services, we also offer biological cleaning.


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