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Immer freundlich und immer einwandfrei – das ist das Motto welches wir verfolgen. Damit haben wir schon über 1000 Kunden zum Staunen gebracht.

Ever Clean Prices

Customer service and quality, that is our credo.

1.    Your cleaning request for cleaning lady, office cleaning, practice cleaning, window cleaning, construction cleaning

Send us your desired cleaning request via the appointment form.
Alternatively, you can also send us an e-mail or give us a call.

2.    On-site appointment

We will call you back and arrange a personal appointment. At this appointment we will get a picture of the spatial conditions on site and discuss your individual wishes.

3.    Sending of the offer
You will quickly receive an individual cleaning quote for the services discussed during the on-site appointment.

4.    Acceptance of the offer and getting to know each other
As soon as you have accepted the offer, we will arrange the 1st cleaning appointment with you, where we will introduce you to your personal cleaners and a short briefing will take place.


Maintenance cleaning

from CHF 90.-

Time required: 2 hours | Apartments

1 room
from CHF 110.-

Time required: 2.5 hours | Apartments

2 rooms
from CHF 135.-

Time required: 3 hours | Apartments

3 rooms
from CHF 160.-

Time required: 3.5 hours | Apartments

4 rooms
from CHF 190.-

Time required: 4 hours | House

5 rooms
from CHF 220.-

Time required: 4.5 hours | House

Hours of service
from CHF 50.-

Time required: min. 2 hours 

Individual cleaning work

Office cleaning
from CHF 110.-

Time required: 2.5 hours | Office cleaning

Medical office cleaning
from CHF 90.-

Time required: 2.0 hours | small practice

Special cleaning | Removal cleaning

from CHF 550.-

2.5 room

from CHF 865.-

3.5 room

from CHF 950.-


Window cleaning

from CHF 320.-

4.5 Rooms without slat blinds

from CHF 580.-

4.5 rooms incl. slat blinds

from CHF 620.-

5 rooms incl. slat blinds

Office space
from CHF 420.-


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