How does mold grow on the tiles?

Mould spores are a daily companion in our air and are quite normal to begin with. However, mould in the home does not tend to put people in a good mood. In particular, mould in the bathroom or kitchen is a particular nuisance. It generally occurs when moisture and heat combine, which is particularly common in bathrooms due to the frequent use of water. Mould requires high humidity and summer temperatures to grow.

In the bathroom, these two elements usually come together. If, for example, you get into the shower in the morning and turn up the heating, a lot of water vapour rises. When it cools down, this collects as condensation not only on the windows and mirrors. Cold air sinks to the floor and with it the water it contains. But because the moisture is not absorbed by the panels themselves, the water collects in the gaps between the silicone joints. The mould, which is naturally present in the air, thus adheres to the substrate of the joints. Now the mold has optimal opportunities to grow and thrive. Over time, the fruiting body then forms and the mould becomes visible.

What do you need to remove mold?

Tile grout, where the mold collects, is not only a visual problem. Mold can seriously damage your well-being and cause various diseases, so you should quickly remove the mold. When it comes to cleaning, there are a number of different cleaning and household products available to you that are suitable for removal. In the pharmacy, you can buy isopropyl alcohol, on which many well-known disinfectants are based. This alcohol evaporates after application, making it harmless to health. Get rid of mold on the tiles you by brushing or brushing the alcohol.

A well-known remedy is ordinary methylated spirits, which you can buy in stores. Spirit contains at least 94 % pure alcohol and deprives the mold of its main food - water. However, it is only suitable for small areas of grout and also leaves stains. An alternative is to use hydrogen peroxide. You can buy this product at the pharmacy or in well-stocked drugstores. Hydrogen peroxide a bleach and disinfectant that, unlike methylated spirits, does not leave stains and helps with small mold infestations. You can apply the agent to the affected grout with a brush and wipe it off with a damp cloth after it dries. Of course, you can also get rid of the mold between the tile grout with a cleaning agent.

Manufacturers of various brands offer mold cleaners that are either with or without chlorine. For the products with chlorine, you should wear protective clothing and not use this agent together with others. With mold cleaners without chlorine are equally effective alternative.

How to remove mold from the tiles

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Light mould formations can be removed easily and quickly. However, professional cleaning is also recommended for this. (Image: Dan Watson,

For light infestations, you can buy 70 - 80 percent ethyl alcohol at the drugstore and use it on the mold. Alternatively, you can use a mold cleaner to get rid of it. Below is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Before you start removing the mold, you should first open the windows, as spores can be released during cleaning
  2. Use rubber gloves for cleaning so as not to irritate your hands unnecessarily.
  3. If necessary, put on a protective mask to avoid exposure to the dangerous spores.
  4. Apply the alcohol to the affected joints with a cleaning sponge or damp cloth / Spray the area with the mould cleaner
  5. Allow the agent to act for the required time
  6. Scrub the joints thoroughly for a few minutes with the agent
  7. Wipe the cleaned surface with a damp cloth after application to get rid of residues
  8. Dispose of the materials used, such as rags, brushes, etc., and do not reuse them.

Remove mould in the joints

Especially in the bathroom, mould can also develop between or in the joints. In many cases, the reason for mould growth is the water vapour that is produced during showering. Due to irregular ventilation, the water vapour is eventually deposited on the joints. So if these are not cleaned regularly, the mold in the grout lines is usually unavoidable. Unfortunately, only chemical products are usually available for the removal of mould.

However, we have from Ever Clean about high-quality organic products that help us remove them. For example, you would no longer have to worry about cleaning. Finally, with our Organic Cleaning to fight the mold.

Professional tile cleaning

Mould in the joints is very annoying, which is why it is obvious for many people to want to get rid of it themselves. In the case of superficial soiling and visible mould infestation, it is usually possible to get rid of it without any problems. However, this is not always possible without further ado. In many living spaces with tiles, silicone joints are used to seal the gaps. As an elastic material, silicone has a number of advantages: On the one hand, it is easily applied due to its pliability, and on the other hand, it expands well in the gaps and cushions movements. However, silicone also always tends to become infested with mold.

The fungus then eats into the material over time, making it porous and requiring replacement. In addition, there are different types of tiles, some of which, like terracotta, are very sensitive to stains. Thus, if not used properly, damage will occur quickly. Last but not least, you should always consider mold as a potential health hazard. We at the cleaning company Ever Clean in Zurich offer the advantage that a guaranteed gentle cleaning method is used. This means you can be assured that your tile grout will not be damaged. Our professional cleaning will remove mould from the tiles and make them shine again. This type of cleaning is particularly useful in wet rooms.

Alternatively we also offer you a Organic Cleaning on. This way we can ensure that the mold is removed in an environmentally friendly manner. Please feel free to contact us via our contact form. Here you can easily and quickly make an appointment. Alternatively, we are also available by phone at 044 810 18 68 or by email can be reached at.

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