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Stairwell cleaning in Zurich and the surrounding area

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Every day the stairwell is used by residents, customers or employees. Often, dirt is ultimately transported into the stairwell or handrails are touched. All the more the cleaning of the stairwell takes a lot of time. For this very reason, we can help you and take over this work for you. Through our professional cleaning you will notice a tidy difference already with the first order.

Cleaning the staircase: procedure

In each of our services, we approach staircases with a sophisticated system. In doing so, we also use high-quality cleaning agents so that we can offer you the best quality of our stairwell cleaning. It is also important to us that no corner is neglected and that the floor finally shines. Staircases are cleaned by us exclusively from top to bottom. This way we make sure that no dirt is visible. We also take a close look at each floor and make any necessary improvements.

If you still have questions about the process, please feel free to email us at or also by telephone under 044 810 18 68 reach.

How often do you need a stairwell cleaning?

The period of time when you need staircase cleaning is variable. Factors for this are, for example, the frequency of use of the stairs. Basically, however, one assumes about every 2 weeks for a normal staircase. However, if it is a commercial building and many people are working in the company, a weekly stairwell cleaning is recommended.

Using our «Request an appointment» form, you can easily request our staircase cleaning in a subscription service. You will receive discounts for the selection of a certain period of time.

Does the tenant or landlord bear the costs of staircase cleaning?

In principle, the landlord bears the costs of staircase cleaning. However, these costs for the service can be transferred to the tenants. However, this must be agreed in the tenancy agreement and included in the service charge statement. The advantage for landlords, however, is that costs incurred can be declared as expenses for building cleaning.

Staircase cleaning in Zurich

Of course we are looking forward to your next order with us. You can also reach us by email at or also by telephone under 044 810 18 68.

Using our «Request an appointment» form, you can even request your next order in just a few minutes.

We'll take that off your hands:

  • sweep staircases
  • dust the banisters
  • Vacuuming the stairwells
  • Removal of cobwebs
  • Wet wipe stairwells
  • Cleaning handrails
  • Cleaning the entrance area


Environmental work:

  • sweep leaves
  • Clean squares
  • Clean the surroundings and free them from rubbish

Professio­nelle Treppen­haus­reinigung in Zürich und Um­gebung

    All cleaning services, we also offer biological cleaning.


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