Endlich sind alle Kartons gepackt und im Transporter verladen. Bevor Sie Ihrer alten Wohnung jedoch endgültig Adieu sagen können, müssen Sie noch zwei grössere Hürden überwinden: Zum einen die mühsame Umzugsreinigung und zum anderen das Übergabeprotokoll. Grundsätzlich gilt hier Folgendes: Damit eine reibungslose Übergabe erfolgen kann, muss die Mietwohnung komplett sauber sein. Nur so lassen sich hohe Rechnungen für die Umzugsreinigung seitens des Vermieters vermeiden. Doch was bedeutet eigentlich «sauber» in Bezug auf den Umzug?  Ebenso sollten Sie sich bereits vor Ihrem Auszug die Frage stellen, ob Sie selbst Hand anlegen oder doch lieber andere putzen lassen möchten? Die Moving cleaning belongs to the special cleanings in our cleaning company Ever Clean in Zurich.

How do you have to leave the apartment when you move?

In the rental agreement is usually not exactly how the apartment must be left behind when you move. Therefore, we provide a little clarity at this point. First of all, the rented apartment must be completely empty when you hand it over. All furniture and other furnishings that you brought with you when you moved in must be removed when you move out. This regulation also applies to storage rooms such as the garage, the cellar and the attic - many tenants do not consider this. As far as cleaning is concerned, you should fulfil the following points with regard to the move:

  • The floor of the entire apartment, including the basement, garage and screed, must be thoroughly vacuumed. Stains that cannot be removed by simple vacuuming are best additionally wet mopped.
  • Likewise, you should also remove coarse dirt from the walls and ceilings as best as possible.
  • Cobwebs can always be found in hidden corners and niches - you must also remove these before handing over the apartment.
  • The same applies to coarse soiling on the windows and doors.
  • Sweep or vacuum the balcony or terrace floor. You should also remove any noticeable cobwebs here.
  • If there are built-in cupboards that are part of the rented property, you should also leave them cleaned. The same applies to rented kitchens - these should also be roughly cleaned.

Important: When cleaning the apartment, attention must also be paid to the removal of grease stains and calcification in the bathroom and kitchen. These points are usually not considered during the removal cleaning and usually stand in the way of acceptance.

Our cleaning tips for moving cleaning

Heavy furniture in your own four walls can cause pressure marks on the floor carpet. Ice cubes are considered a miracle cure for this. To do this, simply place an ice cube on the flattened area. The fibres of the carpet will automatically set up again as soon as the ice melts. If you vacuum your home with a filter bag vacuum cleaner, be sure to have a spare bag handy. Likewise, you should always have plenty of cleaning supplies, rags and wipes on hand. After all, you often need quite a few tools when cleaning your home.

What's in the lease?

umzugsreinigung und endreinigung

The lease will spell out what to look for in a final cleaning. (Image: pixabay.com)

Be sure to take a look at your rental contract. There you will find important information about the cleaning of the move in the individually listed clauses, so that you can optimally determine the upcoming cleaning work. For example, if the lease states that you are a non-smoker, you should remove all smoking residues. In this case, there will certainly be some debris on the walls that you should clean thoroughly before you move out. Likewise, you should check the lease to see if there is anything written there about removing dowel holes. Sometimes you may be required to remove these as well. But perhaps you are also required to clear the garden of weeds or clean the carpets and curtains that are in the rented property? To avoid misunderstandings and possible conflicts, you should therefore read your tenancy agreement carefully.

Important: Of course, it is also possible that nothing is stated in the contract about cleaning the apartment. In this case, however, you must by no means assume that you do not have to clean the apartment. After all, there is no explicit regulation on handing over. This in turn means that a rented apartment must always be handed over clean, even if this is not stated in the contract. Basically, a guaranteed takeover, represents a minimum requirement that the tenant owes the landlord. In principle, therefore, the following applies: The rooms should ideally look exactly as they did when you moved in.

What is included in the final cleaning?

The following items generally count as move-in cleaning unless otherwise specified in the contract:

  • The cleaning of windows
  • The closing of dowel holes
  • The removal of weeds on the balcony or terrace
  • The deep cleaning of the carpet
  • The cleaning of roller shutters
  • The removal of nicotine residues, unless it is contractually regulated. However, smoking in an apartment is generally prohibited in most cases.

Hire cleaning company Ever Clean for removal cleaning

If you are already in over your head with the cleaning of your home, you have another practical alternative in sight. You can simply leave all the cleaning work to us. In our opinion, this step is highly recommended, because nowadays only very few people have time for extensive and thorough cleaning. This is exactly why we specialize in cleaning your home, among other things. Thanks to this practical alternative, you can avoid unnecessary stress factors in the best possible way and concentrate fully on your move. Another advantage we offer you is the resulting security. Why? Quite simply: We at the cleaning company Ever Clean in Zurich ensure that you hand over your apartment freshly cleaned after you move out. This is how we guarantee a removal cleaning with acceptance guarantee. We from Ever Clean in Zurich, who also specialise in removal cleaning, among other things, offer the following standard services:

  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Sleeping area
  • Living areas and offices
  • Kitchen cleaning

As you can see, you have the possibility to choose individually according to your needs all the necessary services. Another advantage is that we are equipped with professional equipment. This includes vacuum cleaners, wipers and window squeegees, as well as any high-quality cleaning products. So you really don't have to worry about anything and can leave the tedious cleaning to others. You can contact us by telephone at 044 810 18 68 or also by email under info@ever-clean.ch reach us. Alternatively, you can simply contact us via our contact form and make an appointment.

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