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Once you want out of your old apartment, in most cases, a complete cleaning of the apartment is necessary. Thus, it should be noted that wiping through the apartment is not enough. Therefore, it is advantageous to leave the removal cleaning to the professionals. In addition, we provide Removal cleaning with acceptance guarantee. So you can be sure that after moving out of the old apartment will not cause any further problems. Our customer references confirm that our deliveries are carried out flawlessly and to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

This is why you need a professional move in cleaning

Depending on the number of rooms, a detailed removal cleaning will cost you quite a bit of time. We are happy to take this work off your hands. So you can concentrate on the move while we clean the apartment or house for you.

In addition, many private households do not have the professional cleaning products and utensils. These are included with us, so that we can offer you the best quality in the final cleaning of the apartment.

Another aspect, are problems that could arise with your landlord. So, if there are small things missing that could get in the way of handing over the apartment, complications can arise when you move out of the apartment. Our trained team has therefore taken all the necessary measures at the Apartment cleaning when moving at a glance and gives you peace of mind.

So if you need a cleaning company in Zurich, Winterthur and the surrounding area, please feel free to contact us. You can reach us by phone at
+41 44 810 18 68 or by email at You can also reach us quickly and easily via our contact form.

What does moving cleaning at Ever Clean include?

Bathroom cleaning

The bathroom is the most inspected area for landlords. Therefore, we pay special attention to the wet room area. In addition to vacuuming and floor cleaning, the following work is included in the bathroom cleaning:

  • Decalcification and cleaning of toilets
  • Lavabos cleaning and descaling
  • Cleaning and descaling of the shower and shower doors
  • Decalcification and cleaning of the fittings
  • Complete decalcification / bathtub cleaning
  • Cleaning all mirrors
  • Tile Cleaning

Sleeping area

Even though many only spend a few hours a day in the sleeping area, an thorough house cleaning also important here. So not only vacuuming and cleaning the floor are important. We from Ever Clean also clean your windows, doors, door frames and furniture if available.

Living areas and offices

In living areas and offices, it is usually the floor that needs to be thoroughly scrutinized. Our trained specialist cleaning team also makes sure that the floors, windows and walls are clean. With our special cleaning agents and utensils, we can also offer you the best quality. After our removal cleaning, your living areas and offices will look as they did before you moved in. Our cleaning company also specializes in environmentally friendly cleaning. So you can add to your move cleaning also a Organic Cleaning book in addition. Unlike other cleaning companies, we clean your rooms exclusively with organic detergent. We thus ensure an environmentally friendly shine in your living areas without harmful cleaning agents or fumes.

Kitchen cleaning

Experience has shown that most soiling occurs in the bathroom, but also in the kitchen. Therefore, our cleaning staff pays special attention to these areas during the removal cleaning. So that the Removal cleaning with acceptance guarantee we attach great importance to the following when cleaning the kitchen:

  • Vacuuming and cleaning the floors
  • Basic cleaning of all kitchen appliances
  • Chrome polishing
  • Cleaning of stove tops, sinks and kitchen surfaces
  • Cleaning doors and door frames


Professional removal cleaning in Zurich and the surrounding area

So that we can be there for our customers at all times and as quickly as possible, you can find us in Zurich, Winterthur and the surrounding area. Below you will find all the locations where you can take advantage of our relocation service:

  • Zurich, Volketswil, Dübendorf
  • Uster, Nänikon, Illnau
  • Wangen, Dübendorf, Brüttisellen
  • Bassersdorf, Wallisellen, Dietlikon
  • Opfikon, Kloten, Rümlang
  • Meilen, Feldmeilen, Stäfa
  • Forch, Herrliberg, Erlenbach
  • Zollikerberg, Zollikon, Zumikon
  • Forch, Küsnacht, Witikon
  • Esslingen ZH, Egg b. Zurich, Mönchaltorf
  • Uetikon am See, Oetwil am See
  • Küsnacht, Hirslanden, Zurich Seefeld
  • Fällanden, Maur, Binz
  • Pfäffikon ZH, Wetzikon, Gossau ZH
  • Fehraltorf, Weisslingen, Turbenthal
  • Bauma, Hinwil, Russikon
  • Rüti, Rapperswil, Jona
  • Ermenswil SG, Eschenbach, Dürnten
  • Effretikon, Kemptthal, Winterthur
  • Lucerne, Zug, Baar
  • Unterengstringen, Regensdorf, Dietikon
  • Oberengstringen, Höngg, Altstetten

How much does a move-in cleaning cost?

The Price for a removal cleaning starts at CHF 550. However, it is not possible to name a fixed price. It depends on the number of rooms and the degree of soiling. If you have any questions about our prices, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone at
+41 44 810 18 68 or by e-mail contact us. In this way, you will directly receive the appropriate offer transparently and without additional costs after an inspection appointment.

Values that are important to us as a cleaning company

Proximity to our customers

We want to be available for our customers quickly and everywhere. Therefore, we have expanded our branches around Zurich, Winterthur and the surrounding area, so we can be quickly on site for you and act flexibly. Spontaneous cleaning work is therefore no longer in the way.

We are an environmentally friendly cleaning company

As a cleaning company Ever Clean, we care a lot about our environment. Therefore, we offer you a bio-cleaning for every special and maintenance cleaning. Here we work with the best biological cleaning products and allow you an environmentally friendly offer. We also want to maintain these values when it comes to removal cleaning. So we also offer our bio-cleaning for our removal cleaning.

Our industry experience and service quality

Our cleaning company Ever Clean has now 12 years of experience in the cleaning industry. In addition, our employees have the necessary know-how, so that we can offer you the best cleaning service in Switzerland. Thus, we also guarantee you a doubtless acceptance guarantee for the removal cleaning.

Your apartment cleaning with acceptance guarantee

Profit from our professional removal cleaning in Zurich, Winterthur and the surrounding area and receive the best service in our industry. We work with a strict system in all our services. This way, as a cleaning company, we guarantee you the best quality and one hundred percent satisfaction. So, if you are in need of moving cleaning services when you drop off your apartment, let our professionals come in at top prices. Feel free to contact us by phone at
+41 44 810 18 68 or by e-mail at .

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